Welcome to the PANGU portal. This site contains resources for users of the PANGU software including a wiki and a page for users to 7015870212 for use on ESA projects.

PANGU Lunar bouldered surface with Hapke BRDF

A lunar surface generated by PANGU with Hapke BRDF

PANGU is a powerful set of tools for modelling the surfaces of planetary bodies such as Mars, the Moon, Mercury and asteroids using real and synthetic data. It has the ability to generate camera, LIDAR and RADAR images from any position and orientation. These images can be used for off-line and closed-loop simulations of planetary landing, surface roving and in-orbit rendezvous operations. The position and orientation of the camera, the Sun and other bodies can be specified directly for each image or obtained via SPICE kernels using just the date and time of interest.

Side-by-side comparison of PANGU (left) and VMC (right) images of Mars

PANGU simulation (left) of the Mars Express VMC image (right) acquired on 27-05-2010 at 09:13:01 showing Phobos at the end of its transit of Mars (the dark spot at the bottom)

PANGU is designed to provide a high degree of realism while operating at near real-time speeds on modern desktop PCs with graphics cards that support OpenGL 3.0 and programmable GPU shaders.